November 27, 2022
There are 5 types of cakes for birthdays

A birthday cake is a cake that is served during a birthday celebration. Usually, a birthday cake is in the form of a tart decorated with a person’s name, congratulations messages, and candles that are lit to be blown by the birthday party. Cakes for birthday celebrations have been around since ancient Roman times and are made in round shapes with flour, nuts, yeast, and natural sweeteners from honey. Only in the 17th century, cakes used for birthdays began to be decorated with various layers and very interesting topping decorations. In Indonesia, there are five types of cakes or cakes that are most often used as birthday cakes, namely:


Blackforest is a cake originating from Germany. This cake is made from flour, eggs, margarine, and cocoa powder so that the color becomes dark brown. The hallmark of this cake is the use of fresh cream, shavings of dark chocolate, and candied cherries as toppings. The grated dark chocolate on top makes this cake called blackforest aka black forest. Although blackforest is included in the classic cake, but until now there are still many people who prefer blackforest as their favorite birthday cake. To know more about technology computers you can visit this site webimag

Opera Cake

Opera cake is often dubbed as a layer cake originating from France. This cake has been around since the 16th century when coffee was introduced to the European continent. This cake is actually an ordinary sponge cake that is given a layered layer of ganache made from a mixture of coffee and chocolate. At the top of the opera cake doused with melted chocolate so that it looks very neat. When cut, you can see how beautiful the layers are. Opera cake has a slightly wet texture with a fragrant coffee aroma similar to tiramisu.

Cheese Cake

When consumed, cheese cake, also known as cheese cake, has a smooth feel that melts in your mouth. As the name suggests, cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and ricotta cheese are combined with milk and eggs and baked to make cheese cake. This cake has crushed nuts and breadcrumbs on top of it at the bottom, while gelatin and other ripe fresh fruit are used to garnish it at the top. Greeks invented cheese cake initially, but Japan is where it is still quite popular today.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is a type of cake originating from the United States. Then, chocolate cake is very popular to serve as a birthday cake because most people like the taste of chocolate. The chocolate cake uses two types of chocolate as its raw material, namely cocoa powder and chocolate bars. When the cake is done, the cake is filled with chocolate jam or ganache before finally being drizzled with melted chocolate. As for the taste, it’s definitely creamy and very chocolatey.

Red Velvet

Germans are the originators of the red velvet cake variety. Around the 1940s, during the Second World War, this cake first appeared. Despite being German in origin, this cake is more well-liked in America. The highlight of this cake is its vibrant red hue. The flavor is also quite distinctive since the spread contains a variety of sour, savory, and sweet flavors that combine to create one flavor. In recent years, Indonesians have grown accustomed to eating red velvet cake on birthdays.

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