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Are Skittles Toxic? What to Know About Food Additive Titanium Dioxide

If you’ve been paying attention to nutrition headlines lately, you may have noticed a recent lawsuit that claimed that Skittles — the colorful candies of “taste the rainbow” fame — were “unfit for human consumption” because of the presence of a “known toxin” called titanium dioxide.

The class-action lawsuit, filed July 14 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, said that Mars Inc., the maker of the candies, had “long known of the health problems” the chemical compound posed, and that it had even publicly committed in 2016 to phase the substance out of its products. Yet, according to the complaint, the candy company “flouted its own promise to consumers” and continued to sell Skittles with titanium dioxide, posing a “significant health risk to unsuspecting consumers.”

But what is titanium dioxide, exactly? And should you be concerned about it in your candy — or in

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Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products

Welcome to I Swear By This, an interview series where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use down to the last drop. This week, we asked Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, host of the Naked Beauty Podcast and product marketing manager at Instagram, to share all of the beauty products she’s loving right now.

For Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, community is an important pillar of beauty. Between hosting the award-winning Naked Beauty Podcast and being the product marketing manager at Instagram, she’s dedicated to creating a platform for bringing people together to explore the industry. “I’m just excited about the beauty space,” she says. “I love to specifically connect with new founders that have an interesting story. There are so many small, BIPOC-owned beauty brands that are popping up and that’s where I want my dollars to go.”

While she regularly shares her

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Biden Administration Can’t Make Up Its Mind About Alcohol Regulations

This administration can’t make up its mind about alcohol. Sometimes it brags that the industry is thriving. Sometimes it acts like the business needs a government intervention.

Last year President Joe Biden issued a far-reaching executive order that, among other things, ordered the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to investigate anti-competitive issues in alcohol markets. When the report came out earlier this year, it was a complete muddle. It laid out in excruciating detail the diversity and dynamism of American alcohol markets—a result of the craft alcohol boom of the past few decades—but then urged more robust antitrust scrutiny of mergers involving large brewers.

Since then, the administration’s position on alcohol has grown only more convoluted. To hear the administration tell it, alcohol markets are flourishing. If only other industries could be so healthy, it argues; if only every industry was so competitive and flush with vibrant

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Now We Know Why Jupiter Doesn’t Have Big, Glorious Rings Like Saturn

Given its similarities to its neighbor, Saturn, it seems natural to ask why Jupiter doesn’t also have a magnificent, extensive system of visible rings.

Alas, it’s not the reality. While Jupiter does have rings, they’re thin, tenuous, flimsy things of dust, visible only when back-lit by the Sun.


According to new research, these discount rings lack bling because Jupiter’s posse of chonky Galilean moons keep discs of rock and dust from accumulating the way they do around Saturn.

“It’s long bothered me why Jupiter doesn’t have even more amazing rings that would put Saturn’s to shame,” said astrophysicist Stephen Kane of the University of California Riverside.

“If Jupiter did have them, they’d appear even brighter to us, because the planet is so much closer than Saturn.”

To interrogate the idea of a giant ring system forming around Jupiter at some point in its history, Kane and his colleague, astrophysicist Zhexing

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