January 30, 2023
What are the gifts for the bridal shower?

BRIDE- When you want to get married, surely there are some of Moment’s friends who want to hold a bridal shower first. Well, in our other article, we have mentioned the various preparations that must be done when you want to do a bridal shower. Then what are the gifts for the bridal shower that friends usually bring?

In the previous article, we mentioned that the bachelorette party / bridal shower/shower of the bride was attended only by the friends of the bride. So, if you were invited as a guest at a bridal shower, what gift would you like to bring? Is it something sparkly? Or something very functional?

Well, in this article, we will mention a little about the benefits of a bridal shower and various gifts for bridal showers that are appropriate for the bride and groom. So, don’t miss any of the information that appears in our article this time!

Benefits of Holding a Bridal Shower for the Bride

The bridal shower procession is not something that must be done by the bride. However, some weddings with traditional concepts recommend a bridal shower procession to pray for the bride and groom before the wedding. Weddings with western and Indo-Modern concepts are usually preceded by a bridal shower process which has the following benefits:

Letting go of single

The first benefit, the bridal shower is used as a means to release the single period. The bride held the last party of her bachelorhood with her beloved friend by having a bridal shower. To know about health you can visit this site bakkerenleenheer

Relieve the burden of the mind

When going to a wedding, it’s only natural that the bride is burdened mentally and emotionally. So that the bridal shower can be used as a means to release the burden of the mind for a moment and have fun with friends. Naturally, if the bridal shower is filled with exciting events and accompanied by gifts by the invited guests.

Increase the stock of household needs

For the bride and groom, of course a bridal shower can be made to increase the stock of household needs. Because the gifts brought by friends will be very useful for life after marriage.

Those are the various benefits that you can get by holding a bridal shower. But remember, this process is only for the bride. And for Moment’s friends who are invited to the bridal shower, below we will give recommendations for gifts that should be given to the owner of the event.

Recommended Gifts For Bridal Shower

When you are invited by a friend to attend a bridal shower, be sure to bring a present. Even though the bride who invited you didn’t ask for any gifts. Well, here are various recommendations for gifts for a bridal shower that you should bring:

Handmade Soap

Handmade soap with various shapes will be one of the most beautiful gifts when you attend a bridal shower. You can order handmade soap from a handmade soap making service with a custom shape. Usually handmade soap is made from ingredients that are very safe for the skin.

Korean-style skincare package

Want to give a gift in an anti-mainstream form of skincare? Well, you can give a gift in the form of Korean-style skincare for the bride who invites you to her bridal shower. Korean-style skincare is not always expensive, you can buy the travel kit version, which is clearly more cute and adorable.

Towels and toiletries

Another gift package that will be very useful for the bride and groom and should be given at the bridal shower is towels and toiletries. You can buy special hampers for single or couple toiletries on the internet. The toiletries package usually contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, and so on.

Mirrors and make-up tools

Equipment that will be very useful for the life of the bride when she is married is a mirror and make-up equipment. You can buy mirrors and make-up equipment in the form of hampers so that later it is more practical. In addition, hampers are also usually beautifully shaped so that they are very aesthetically given as gifts for bridal showers.

Those are the various gift packages for the best bridal showers that you can give when invited to the event. If you need a digital invitation to hold your own wedding, be sure to make one through the Moment.my.id website. Because we will help the process of making the digital invitation wholeheartedly. May be useful!