November 27, 2022
Types of Wedding Ring Materials

A wedding ring is something you want to wear all your life, so it’s got to be perfect! Whether it’s a vintage or modern ring you choose, the metal selection is very important in the design of your wedding ring.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is a great choice for a traditional wedding ring. 22ct (91.6%) gold is too soft for everyday use, so consider using 18ct (75%) or 14ct (58.5%). In terms of color and durability, 18ct (75%) gold is the best choice of the three and is the most commonly used base material for jewelry.

White gold

Next, white gold is yellow gold which has been mixed with other metals such as silver and alloys. White gold consists of 3 kinds of 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct. Generally, only 18ct (75%). The price of white gold itself is more expensive than yellow gold. The use of white gold as a wedding ring material is becoming a current trend.

Rose gold

This type of gold is slightly reddish in color. If you want something different, rose gold can be your choice. You should really understand the color of rose gold itself. Try to see firsthand the type of rose gold jewelry from the original item before deciding to buy. To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Black-color gold

Ivana jewelry provides a type of black gold finishing (Black-color gold), the color type corresponds to the Black Zirconium according to the picture. The choice of black is suitable for the Fashion type.


Platinum even though it is white is not gold. White gold is more scratch resistant than platinum, but platinum costs twice as much as white gold.

Titanium, Ceramic, Palladium, Silver, and so on.


The choice of the type of basic material for wedding rings depends on the tastes of each individual. However, with proper care, wedding rings will last for the rest of your life.
Happy Weddings!

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