January 30, 2023
Things to Pay Attention to in Making Invitations

In preparation for a wedding, there are many things that must be considered, starting from the wedding venue, decorations, clothes, food menu, and even the most important thing is the wedding invitation. Sometimes invitations are seen as simple things but ignoring them can lead to problems in the future.

The things that need to be considered in making and distributing invitations are:

1. Adjust to the concept of marriage

If the concept of the wedding is simple, then the wedding invitation is made simple too. On the other hand, if the concept of the wedding is exclusive, then the wedding invitation is also made exclusive. Why is that? Because it will look strange if the concept of marriage with wedding invitations is not the same.

2. Decide on an attractive design

You can determine the design you want. For reference, you can look it up on the internet. But make sure the design you choose is attractive to the readers. And consult the design selection with both parties. Both your family and the extended family of the prospective partner to get an agreement. The selection of designs should not be too crowded, just use a few colors. Because if it is too crowded it will make the readers dizzy and unfocused.

3. Write information clearly

One of the mandatory information that you must include on a wedding invitation is a map. Maps are directions to your wedding venue. This makes it easier for invited guests to reach your wedding venue easily. In addition to the map, your nickname and that of your potential partner must also be present. This allows your old friends to recognize you.

4. Attend a wedding fair

This event is often held. Wedding fairs generally offer various kinds of product discounts for wedding purposes. The purpose of attending this wedding exhibition is to save your budget. If you have free time, go to a wedding fair with your partner. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about sports lidaweb

5. Installing pre-wedding photos

Installing pre-wedding photos will make your wedding invitations more attractive. However, this is optional, and not mandatory. There is nothing wrong if you want to post your pre-wedding photos with your partner. In addition, currently installing pre-wedding photos on wedding invitation cards has almost become a habit for brides-to-be.

6. Make sure everything before printing

There are times when the design you choose turns out to give poor results when printed at the printing house. Make sure you have chosen the appropriate invitation paper material. Also, check the bride’s name, address, and date of reception before printing it out. All information that is considered important must be checked carefully. And don’t forget, choose letters that are easy to read.

7. Determine where to print the invitation

If the invitation design has been agreed upon by the groom and bride, immediately go to find a printing place. Choose a printer that has a good reputation and has handled many orders from other people. That means the printing place has good quality. And also choose a printing place that is close to the location where you live, so that if a problem occurs you don’t feel bothered to come all the way to the printing place.

8. Determine the right time to send out invitations

Sometimes some people assume that determining the time for distributing invitations is not the first thing, even though the time for distributing invitations must be determined beforehand so that it is not a hassle.

Sending invitations to relatives or friends who are out of town should be distributed one month before the wedding day, while for those who are in the city the right time is two weeks before the wedding day.

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