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15 Diy Christmas Gifts For The Spa Lover On Your List

Your family’s trash can truly turn into your parents treasure. Your mother and father have probably cooked for you all your life, and this gift will make future cooking somewhat easier. Instead of maintaining all of the spices in the house in one cluttered cupboard or drawer, magnetically attach them to a floor in your kitchen.

DIY and Gift

Transfer the seasoning from their bulky packages into smaller jars, then glue sturdy magnets to the jar. Attach a metal ruler to a flat floor, like a cupboard, and link your magnetic jars. This gift will help your parents save house and will give you the proper alternative to lastly throw away those ineffective spices from recipes you made once 7 years in the past. Want to gift your mother and father a classy wall decor piece but can’t spend the massive bucks?

  • I agree with you about staying home for Valentine’s Day though.
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