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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults

In conclusion, developing social connections is a fundamental need among humans that can enhance brain health and even improve memory. It is vital to engage in a range of social networks because relying on one may be detrimental and lead to loneliness. Whether the connection is shared between other humans or animals, online or in-person, social engagement drives our quality of life and feeling of belonging.

Promoting healthy lifestyles helps to reduce health inequalities, and cover four of the ten priorities identified in ‘Our Healthy Future’ . Good nutrition,controlling calorie intake and physical activity are essential to maintain a healthy weight. Our growth, experiences, and some of the variances of our personalities are molded through social engagement. Specifically, the different levels of success in social engagement are major drivers of our quality of life . Typically, the goal of social engagement is to relate to others in positive ways through … Read More

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