November 27, 2022

STYLE- Below are eleven men’s hairstyle trends for 2022 that you can try. Or, if you want to try them all, then go for it!

If it’s possible, then make it happen!

French Crop

It’s been talked about a lot on social media and has become a trending hairstyle among men, the French crop will continue to be the most popular hairstyle for men this year, you know! Don’t worry about being out of date, okay? Because there are also many male artists who use this 2022 men’s hairstyle. With the characteristic of short bangs above the forehead and a fade cut on the side, this hairstyle will make you look macho and masculine without having to be complicated and a lot of maintenance.

Straight Forward Comb

Do you have medium-length hair and usually it is combed to the side or back? So, so you don’t get bored, you can try experimenting with a forward comb-like Anwar Hadid. Maybe at first, it will feel unusual. But rest assured, your hair will look cool with just this combing method.

Slick Back Long Hair

Have hair of medium length? Do not waste it! Comb it back and make a slick back style like this. Believe me, this hairstyle is the favorite of almost all women, because this 2022 men’s hairstyle will make you look sexy and charismatic.

Classy Side-Part

Men often wear hairstyles that look classy, and luxurious and this is a classic style, both in classic black and white movies and in real life.

This hairstyle is fairly easy and practical; you simply comb your hair to the side and voila! A classy executive look is on your face. This 2022 men’s hairstyle will indeed always be a classic model of all time.

Slicked-Back Short Hair

It has become a trend for the past few years, this men’s hairstyle will still be the 2022 men’s hairstyle that is sought after and in demand by many people. This hairstyle can be created in various forms, such as a slightly sideways backcomb or a pompadour.

Combine it with gradations of fading or undercut on the sides and bottom of your hair for maximum results.

Short Crew Cut

For those of you who don’t like long hair or even crave super short hair, then this is the 2022 men’s hairstyle that is right for you. This hairstyle gives a neat and cool impression but is still comfortable for those of you who like a plain feel on the surface of your scalp.

You can even cut your top hair very short and almost bald, it will still look really cool. This hairstyle will give a strong, masculine, and sexy manly vibe. Shhh… Don’t forget to add a short beard to add a hot impression.

Curly Hair with Faded Sides

For those of you who have curly hair, then you should try this style. Sometimes, taking care of curly hair is not as easy as taking care of straight hair. Likewise when you want to try a new hair styling.

Try to cut your hair in this fashion. This 2022 hairstyle looks really cool with the sides giving it a fading feel, but thick on top. Your confidence will soar with this modern, futuristic, and simple style.

Edgar Haircut

The name of this hairstyle does seem a bit unique, as well as the hair design. This hairstyle exudes a neat yet stylish and unique aura. This is a must-try hairstyle. To give a twist and eccentric touch, you can mix and match this with various models, such as mullet hair on the sides and back.

Medium-Length Hair

Get ready to look sexy with this 2022 men’s hairstyle. Let your hair grow and form a natural wavy texture by flicking it in the direction according to your hairline. This hair will give the impression of macho, cool, and lively. To add a masculine impression, you can grow a beard in this style to make it look more manly.

90s Curtain Cut

Still, about long hair, you can apply the bangs style that was super hits in the 90s, namely curtain cut or curtain style. This men’s hairstyle, which is sure to be a 2022 men’s hairstyle, is suitable for almost all hair forms, especially for those of you who have curly or wavy hair; you will definitely be the hot stuff.

Messy Hair Don’t Care

Calling all the curly-haired guys! Be grateful for those of you who have curly or wavy hair, because you can apply a ‘messy’ hairstyle but still have a cool texture and style. This hairstyle is very easy; but this playful hairstyle is only suitable for long hair up to the chin, guys.

That’s eleven men’s hairstyles in 2022 that will be hitting later. Are you ready for a new haircut and look? Which style will be your choice?