Simple and Thrifty Home Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday celebrations are generally not far from mandatory items such as cakes, birthday candles, and decorations. But it doesn’t need to be expensive, we can take advantage of things that are simple to look more glamorous

  1. Unique Balloons
    No birthday party is complete without simple birthday decorations. Simple decorations can be more beautiful as desired with a small budget. These balloons are always there at party parties so it is no less important that they fall into the must-have item category. Balloons accented with ice cream funnels make a simple birthday decoration that you can make yourself without taking too much time and with the desired results.
  2. Colorful Rainbow Paper Flowers
    Paper flowers can also create a cheerful atmosphere around a home or table with simple floral-themed birthday decorations. Apply with a little water in a glass of various sizes but still in tune with the food coloring mixed in.
  3. Tumblr light-style confetti glasses
    This item can be found easily as a memorable simple birthday decoration. By using the rest of the empty jar or large glass to decorate with the Tumblr lamp. Decorations such as glitter powder, dried leaves, and the rest of the Christmas decorations can be created with the addition of Tumblr or string lights to make this simple birthday decoration look luxurious and exclusive.
  4. Tissue Paper Backdrop
    This colorful tissue paper can also be a simple birthday decoration idea that doesn’t need to be expensive. Either stacked like flowers or stuck randomly on the wall.
  5. Simple Paint Centerpiece
    Usually applied by using a pot that is equipped with beautiful paint to coat the inside or you can also use a pot of glass. Choose vibrant colors or lighter colors added with real flowers or fake flowers for a simple birthday decoration. In this section there is no need to buy a new one, just use the old or used pot.
  6. Festive Cupcake Base Garland
    Sometimes we still keep the cupcake base from the previous party. Make a simple birthday decoration in the form of a garland decoration that is usually spread out on the wall. Use a thick needle and thread to tie the cupcake base together and this simple birthday decoration is perfect for decorating the interior of the birthday party room.
  7. Beautiful Birthday Paper Fan
    Folding paper is certainly an easy affair but it is not for everyone. You can create according to your heart and the results of this simple birthday decoration look beautiful and elegant. We can use thick colored paper and fold it neatly before putting it together at the edges. This ornament can be placed on a wall or hung.
  8. Fresh Fruit Decoration Invites
    Don’t forget the simple birthday decorations with an arrangement of fresh fruits in each serving that is served. This simple birthday decoration can easily be presented in many forms. A choice of decorations that can be eaten immediately as a dessert that creates its element of beauty
  9. Delicious Dessert Table
    An event or birthday party is incomplete without the presence of snacks arranged on the table with a variety of variants and a sprinkling of toppings on top so that the invitees want to eat them. Take advantage of this food by presenting a dessert table as a simple birthday decoration that becomes the center of attention at party events.