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There are several types of ear piercings other than the usual lobe ear piercing. Wearing earrings did not defend pirates from drowning, seasickness or bad eyesight, but a minimum of it helped shield them in opposition to listening to loss .

Seamen proudly sported earrings as a mark of their travels and voyages. Earrings got to young sailors to commemorate their first crossing of the equator, or once they rounded the treacherous waters of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America.

Your ear piercing expertise is primarily dependent in your piercer. As such, it is crucial to make sure that you opt for a reputable piercer with the talent and expertise to pierce your ears correctly. Ear holes shut significantly quick throughout the first yr of getting the piercing. In fashionable society, body piercings are quite in style and easy to acquire for both women and men of various ages.

  • Had ears pierced at sixteen, (needle, potato and ice cube) and will wear any kind of steel earring till I grew to become pregnant and the entire physique chemistry thing modified.
  • So physique chemistry doesnt mean you can wear valuable metals mechanically.
  • The only sort of earring I can wear for greater than an hour are the little studs that piercers use of their guns.

Avoid plastic jewellery since they are a common reason for severe ear infections, especially if it is earlier than the first six to eight weeks of getting the ear piercing. If you choose to use this method, it is advisable to recruit the assistance of another person to forestall injuring yourself or cutting the post earring inappropriately.


Ear holes do not close up as quick as you would possibly think, particularly if the six to eight week window interval is over. Different folks heal at completely different rates, however you can make certain that your new ear piercing will not close up after a day or two. If your situation calls for it and you don’t have any viable options, it is best to completely remove the earrings once you’re at work, school, or performing athletic exercise. It is advisable to visit your piercer and to have him/her change the earrings in the safest means potential.

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