January 30, 2023

Bracelets are usually synonymous as women’s accessories, nowadays many are also worn by men. In order not to look like women’s bracelets, bracelets also come with a variety of models and materials such as metal, rope, cloth, thread, to leather. Not only that, but also bracelets were added with interesting variations ranging from small to large beads, beads made of wood, bamboo, or seeds. A bracelet made of rope is one example of a bracelet on the rise. Not only because it can be used by men or women, but because of its simple shape, fashionable appearance, and can be used in a variety of situations.
Know the types of rope used to make bracelets
Elastic Strings
If you want to make a rope bracelet using elastic strings, then make sure you know what thickness the strings you need first.
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery threads are usually used to make creations such as tablecloths, sarongs, or teapot covers. However, you can use various types of embroidery threads on the market to make ropes. Of the various types available, you can use DMC embroidery, where this thread has the best quality compared to other brands. This thread has the character of not being easily broken down and not easily brittle. So it is very suitable if you use it as a rope bracelet maker.
Prusik rope
If you have a hobby of rock climbing, then you must be familiar with this kind of prusik rope. The rope, which is usually used as a safety device for climbing or connecting, can also be used as a bracelet maker. With their distinctive motifs, prusik ropes are perfect for making accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and many more.
Satin Laces
There are many kinds of creations that you can do using satin straps such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and headbands. Because this type of rope has a more shiny and slippery surface. With a manufacturing process that is carried out by weaving using artificial fibers such as polyester. Making various kinds of creations using satin ropes, so you need to master some rigging techniques to get beautiful results.
Suede strap
The suede strap has a characteristic flat shape with a texture like suede leather. However, the rope that is usually used to make accessories does not come from real animals but uses synthetic leather because synthetic leather tends to be thick and is usually used to make necklaces or bracelets.
In order for your bracelet to be even more attractive, therefore we can combine several colors of rope or prussic rope. At this stage someone usually uses them to come up with interesting ideas, we can use any rope color you like.
Rope and character bracelet recommendations.
Appearance is something that must be maintained by both men and women so that we are comfortable and confident when wearing it. Therefore, the choice of clothes, shoes, and accessories such as bracelets is no less important than attention so that the appearance does not seem boring and monotonous.
Choosing a color for the string bracelet can be something that traps you. Sometimes we experience doubts and doubts when choosing colors because each color certainly displays a different impression such as casual, masculine, or feminine. Therefore, we must have an idea in advance what kind of bracelet we will wear, then after that, you can determine the color you choose.