In Ancient Egypt, numerous difference necklace sorts had been worn. Upper-class Ancient Egyptians wore collars of natural or semi-treasured and precious materials for non secular, celebratory, and funerary functions. These collars were usually ornamented with semi-treasured, glass, pottery, and hollow beads. Beads produced from a variety of valuable and semi-precious materials had been additionally generally strung together to create necklaces.

Gold that was common into stylised plant, animal, and bug shapes have been frequent as well. Amulets were additionally was necklaces. In Ancient Crete necklaces have been worn by all courses; peasants wore stones on flax thread whereas the wealthy wore beads of agate, pearl, carnelian, amethyst, and rock crystal.


In Ancient Mesopotamia, cylinder seals were often strung and worn as jewellery. In Ancient Babylon, necklaces were manufactured from carnelian, lapis lazuli, agate, and gold, which was additionally made into gold chains. Ancient Sumerians created necklaces and beads from gold, silver, lapis lazuli and carnelian.

  • Ancient Etruscans used granulation to create granulated gold beads which had been strung with glass and faience beads to create colourful necklaces.
  • In addition, ropes of pearls, gold plates inset with enamel, and lustrous stones set in gold filigree have been often worn.
  • In Ancient Rome necklaces have been among the many many forms of jewellery worn by the Roman elite.
  • Gold and silver necklaces have been usually ornamented with foreign and semi-precious objects corresponding to amber, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, and diamond.

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