January 30, 2023
6 Wedding Organizer Tasks You Need to Know

The role of the wedding organizer is very important in the success of the wedding event. The job of the wedding organizer is to help the bride and groom to realize their dream wedding and ensure that the entire event runs smoothly. This job is actually very challenging because it requires a communicative, friendly, humble, responsive personality, and of course a hard worker.

The following are the important tasks of a wedding organizer (WO) in helping the bride and groom take care of their wedding.

Planning a wedding concept and theme

Professional WO usually already provide certain packages to make it easier for prospective clients to make choices. The package includes the concept of the desired event. Do you want to hold a traditional themed event or a wedding reception with a modern concept?

The WO and the prospective client discuss together about the wedding theme desired by the bride and groom, then the WO will explain each process that must be followed from the concept they have chosen. WO parties who already have high flying hours can provide clients with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen concept.

Preparing the schedule

After determining the concept and theme of the event, the next step is to prepare an agenda. The WO will make a rundown of the event from opening to closing. This arrangement is then presented to the client. If the client has other wishes, WO will accommodate them.

In addition, WO will also ask for help at weddings such as bridesmaids and receptionists. Decorations and other equipment will also be asked to the client concerned. Only then can the WO calculate the required funds.

Create budget details

Asking the budget allocation provided by the bride and groom and their families is one of the most important tasks of a wedding organizer. Funds owned by clients become a reference for WO to design events according to their wishes.

At this stage the negotiation skills of the WO team are very important, namely to bargain prices to vendors so that they can satisfy their clients’ hearts.

Looking for a wedding location

Wedding Organizer’s (WO) first task is to find a venue that matches the chosen concept and theme. WO will visit several places, ask for details about the rental price and the availability of the building on the specified date. If the client agrees, then the next task of the wedding organizer is to inform all vendors.

Organizing the wedding ceremony

The long awaited wedding day has arrived. If previously WO had worked hard to prepare everything, then on this D day, their responsibilities will be even greater. The WO team must arrive at the location first and make final preparations according to the division of tasks for each member of the wedding organizer.

They must ensure that all family members, bridesmaids and organizers understand the schedule. The success or failure of the event is highly dependent on the work of the WO team. To know about music you can visit this site yoga-ez

Completing tasks after the event

WO duties do not stop once the wedding reception is over. After the completion of the event, WO is responsible for storing and sending gifts, gifts, and dowries belonging to the bride and groom to their residence. In addition, the WO must also be able to guarantee the safety of the envelope box used during the event.