November 27, 2022
5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations – Marriage is something very sacred and important in one’s life. To welcome this sacred moment, the bride and groom will prepare the best, including wedding decorations. Choosing wedding decorations adapts to the concept of the wedding to be held. So, so that you don’t make the wrong choice, here are tips for choosing the right wedding decorations:

Tips for Choosing Wedding Decorations

Fix Your Wedding Theme

The theme of the wedding is the most important thing that you must decide first. Will your wedding be held indoor or outdoor, where is the place for the party and when is it held. The choice of wedding decorations will at least depend on these three things. To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

The traditional wedding theme allows you to match the color of your choice with the color of the traditional dress. For example, at a Sundanese and Javanese wedding, you can choose decorations with shades of white, green, and brown. At a traditional Sumatran wedding, you can combine red and yellow, turmeric yellow and green, and several other striking colors. Keep in mind, choose a color combination that can provide visual satisfaction for guests.

In addition, the invitation list will also be very helpful in this selection. If the dominant family is invited, choose a neutral decoration. If most of the young people, maximize your creations but still be polite and according to the norm, yes.

Conduct Live Decoration Surveys and Use Social Media

You can survey decorations directly at a relative’s wedding. Pay close attention to decoration details such as the color of the tent, the type of flowers used, the aisle decorations and additions, as well as the arrangement of the wedding party layout. Contact your family and friends and ask for the decoration service contact. Ask their impressions and suggestions about the decorations used.

Also, use social media to explore your favorite decor and a decorator you can trust. After getting the contact, go to the place. Make a list of the decorating services that you have decided on.

For Maximum Beauty, Choose Colors with the Following Conditions

There are many color combinations that you can choose from, at most combine three colors. If you choose light colors, try to have at least one soft color to be part of the combination. For example, you can combine the Minangkabau-style red color combination with golden yellow and brownish white.

If you are going to carry out a traditional wedding, then you can entrust the choice of motifs to decoration services. Usually the available motifs will contain meanings that are appropriate for the wedding, so don’t worry.

This advice will be more applicable to those of you who carry out modern weddings. Adjust the motif you choose with the theme, and don’t collide. For example, if you choose polka dots, don’t let there be a checkered pattern. Also adjust the color of the motif with the color concept you choose.

It is recommended not to use more than two motifs. Use one large motif combined with a small motif. Try the decorations used as elegant as possible.

Pay attention to the atmosphere of the wedding location

There are two types of wedding venues, indoor and outdoor. Decorations at an indoor wedding will usually depend on the type of venue to be chosen and the vendor. If you are going to hold a wedding party at home, set the colors in such a way that your wedding stands out but is still elegant. The combination of brown and champagne white is one possible color choice.

At an outdoor wedding, you can choose a garden party theme, rustic wedding, or other outdoor themes. Identify the needs of each theme. Some themes can offer low-cost decorations by relying on creativity and things around you, you know!

Choose a Suitable and Trusted Decorator

After surveying the decor and decorators on social media, you can start contacting the right decorators. Show him your wedding theme, guests, and other wedding needs. Don’t forget the information on the building or venue you have chosen. Your decorator will start working on the design sketch of the venue decor. Choose your favorite sketch, and don’t hesitate to give criticism if it doesn’t fit.

Here are some tips for choosing wedding decorations. There are many successful weddings in determining the color of the decorations. We can take many lessons from this marriage. Have fun exploring and planning your best wedding party!

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